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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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9/11 Investigation Updated: 12 Sept, 2014.

The explosion witnessed at floor 105 WTC2.
A unique investigation & the startout point, perhaps the raison-d'être for Juntawatch.org. Revealing a BBC edit-suite trail back to a cover-up of archival references to an explosion event witnessed by one of the '9/11 widows', at floor 105, S. tower at the World-Trade-Centre.
Re-addressing (Right Click, Save As:) audio evidence revealed by Beverly Eckert one of the '9/11 Widows’ through the examination of the failure of the NIST to explain the explosion at floor 105 WTC2 on 9/11 that immediately preceeded the 'top-down' collapse of Tower 2 at the moment of her husband's death.
juntawatch unique UPDATE - 23 May 2015
Re-examining Northwoods, MI6, JFK & 9/11.
Are the Kennedy assassinations & the 9/11 atrocities born of a common US/UK Military Intelligence mindset?  Here The Northwoods documents released around 2003, under FOIA are further dissected. These documents certainly could imply that a 'think-tank' inside Britain's MI6 contributed largely to the plans to have civilian airliners hijacked as pretext for illegal invasion & war during the American military's great standoff with CUBA in the 1960's. Now with a purchasable 2011 Video Documentary update from Pilots for 9/11-Truth.
Download the re-examined, annotated items.
Juntawatch Update - 7 July 2007 & 11 June '11
G8 false-summit lured terror police on 7.07
The week of 4 July 2005. The Gleneagles G8 conference in Scotland attracts the attention & Personal Attendance of London's senior anti-terrorist Police officers. In their absence on July 7, 52 died of terror! 'Intelligence' told that Peace-Niks with banners and T-shirts were expected to be firing RPG Missiles through the 500m perimeter exclusion zone!!
Accumulating evidence verifies allegations that MI6 approved the July 7 bombs, furnishing essential 'intelligence' & cover, as was once closely mimicked in the prime time BBC spy drama series: 'Spooks'.
Then, as Juntawatch predicted:
And in a BBC Panorama programme broadcast the 30 April 2007, Peter Clarke, the 'National Coordinator for Terrorist Investigations' & Deputy-Assistant Commissioner of the Met. Police pointedly fails to deny that one of the freed 7/07 co-conspirators; Abdul Khayam alias Mohammed Quayyum Khan was a British Military Intelligence asset identified as 'Q'!

juntawatch unique report - 30 April 2007
Robin Cook on 'Al-Qa’eda' 1 day after 7/07.
'Al-Qaida, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.' Further investigation reveals it's computer databasing/datamining origins:
"In the early 1980s the Islamic Bank for Development, which is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, like the Permanent Secretariat of the Islamic Conference Organization, bought a new computerized system to cope with its accounting and communication requirements." "It was decided to use a part of the system's memory to host the Islamic Conference's database." "It was possible for the countries attending to access the database by telephone." That would be a timesharing distributed network providing access to a database whose name evolved/morphed into 'Al-Qa’eda'.
The Guardian, GlobalResearch & Juntawatch.
16 August 2007.
We're definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto.
If you don't believe that US/UK sponsored rogue military intelligence & industrialists closely linked to old Nixon/Vietnam era cronies like Cheyney & Rumsfeld are hitching the 'Military Market Nexus' to the back of economic 'Globalisation' & have pre-planned the entire last 10 years of global events, then consider if you will the words of Air Force Gen.(ret) Richard Myers, (Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to September 2001), with 4,100 hours aloft in Vietnam, three weeks after his ascendancy to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on Oct 1, 2001:
"Afghanistan is only a small piece of ... the broadest campaign since WW2., possibly lasting more than a lifetime ... a long, hard fought conflict global in scale."
Similarly on Oct 3 2001, former chief of staff for US forces in South Korea, General Jack Singlaub was quoted saying:
"[...] pure case of good vs evil [...] we just have to recognise that it's going to develop [...] & there will be lots of people & nations involved."
Newsmax 2001.
Just like DARPA/LaRC want it
Juntawatch Opinion - 12 July 2007.
Parallels between Omagh 1998 & 7/07?
9/11, Shayler and the BBC Conspiracy.
911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy: A new documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC's selective and distorted 911 coverage. With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007.
Google Video - Tuesday June 26, 2007
100's of senior officials cite 9/11 doubts.
"Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, & government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report [...]. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This website is a collection of their statements."
Patriots question 911.
Is our BBC in denial of its 9/11 issues?
Paul Joseph Watson & Dylan Avery Debate Guy Smith on the 9/11 BBC Hit Piece.
So how does the Nimby, Pamby, subservient & effete BBC; part beneficent, part predatory but always self-congratulatory despite the flaws & erroneous data in its works hold up to scrutiny?
   (right-click»save as:)                 18.6Mb
       prisonplanet.tv    ¤   
My response to the 911 'Conspiracy Files'.
Loaded with overtones of emotional blackmail but No mention of the 'Jersey girls' or '911 widows' & their huge contribution to the 911 Commission Report.
juntawatch unique report
Time Stamp Confirms BBC WTC 7 Collapse ¤
Why were the BBC reporting its collapse in advance even knowing why it collapsed - a question that is still being investigated by NIST?
prisonplanet headline  ¤  
Go to Downloads section for the video files.
Go to My News section for my latest on this.

USCENTCOM PC networker: 9.11 insider.
"So (... the day before 9/11 ...), I'm reading this document and it's  [...]   scenarios for this wargame [...] one was a hijacked plane crashing into a nuclear power plant in California, the Sears Tower, the World Trade Center."
See downloads section for a 44-minute audio interview with 'LJ' Lauro Chavez.
An Open University WTC collapse forum:
Summer 2006 I initiated an Open University online debate about the WTC collapse & NIST findings. A secure hotbed for haranguing 9/11-Truth but here's one worthwhile WTC collapse analysis arrived at.
Demonstrates that nobody else is going to fix up the world up for you. This responsibility is shared & it is for each one of us to stand up & be counted among the responsible.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent! (sic)
Expose the Man! Updated: 15 Nov, 2013.

12 WTC2 Explosions found in New BBC Film
Juntawatch has uniquely identified 12 or so of the NY Fire Department's well reported 'boom-boom 'boom-boom', - explosions(!) at the World-Trade Centre, 2001. The new audio, that more clearly than ever before highlights these 'explosions' as also heard by Beverly Eckert (see opposite), were found in - Pt1 of 23 May, 2011:
'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace'

Listen 1) '12 Explosions' (raw BBC audio).

Listen 2) '12 Explosions' (bass EQ added).

juntawatch unique report - 7 June 2011
The Probability Invariance of Colgan 3407
In the immediate 3-hrs following the Crash of Colgan 3407 on Friday 13th February, 2009 (~03:20z GMT), Juntawatch recorded a 62,000% increase in Global traffic to this site, including spikes from US.Mil, US.Gov & Russian Federation.
The Colgan Air 3407 incident was indeed so statistically unlikely that it's occurence was sufficient to have led fairly easily to the enquiry and massive & unprecedented reforms of the US Deregulated Air Industry which concluded a couple of years later. These final achievements should be remembered as the obituary and Epitaph of Beverly Eckert's life of wholesome commitment.
Juntawatch Updated. — 15 Nov, 2013.

The BLOODY SUNDAY leak from Juntawatch
With the 38 Year-old Northern Ireland 'Bloody-Sunday' final review and decision on hold by the British Secretary-of-State, and family members worried that the delay is a deliberate ploy to allow tampering even at this late stage of essential evidence, - Juntawatch now releases completely unique and never seen before documents as my own bargaining tool to regain my citizen's privileges, of justice, fair-treatment and recognition by the United Kingdom Government.
Document release follows.
This 8-page document has never been published before and has first-hand transcripts from radio-intercepts of military communications made on 'Bloody-Sunday'. The Widgery Tribunal rebutted the vital evidence as it contained allegedly illegally gathered information gleaned from intercepts of military telecommunications of 30 January 1972.
A 3.3Mb .PDF file is available; Right Click the link at top of this item & » Save As:

Unique Juntawatch Report - 21 March 2010.

Beverley Eckert 9/11-Widow in NY Aircrash
Beverly Eckert was supposed to be spending this weekend celebrating the life of her husband who died on September 11 2001 when two planes hit New York's Twin Towers. Instead, she joined him as a victim of disaster when her plane journey also ended in tragedy. Since 9/11 Eckert had dedicated much of her life to campaigning for an appropriate memorial to the dead and improved national security.

Eckert co-founded Voices of September 11th for victims' families, and sat on the 9/11 Commission. Last December she spoke out in opposition to the military commissions that were being used to put on trial suspected terrorists at Guantánamo, signing a joint letter that protested the system was not "fair, in accordance with American values, or capable of achieving the justice that 9/11 family members and all Americans deserve".

Eckert had been flying to Buffalo in upstate New York and was supposed to be spending today at a local school to present a scholarship award in honour of her late husband. Obama said she had been a "tireless advocate for those families [...] She was an inspiration to me and to so many others."

Air Traffic Control Report of Event.

Right Click: Save As - Mp3 3Mb.
The Guardian.Friday 13th, Feb, 2009.

The Harrowing Tale of Colgan 3407-
"Flying Cheap"—'Frontline' PBS Documentary.

See the full 57 min PBS Documentary online or CD.
- 09 March, 2010.

Flight 3407 Families' Work Pays Off

Buffalo News, Wash Times rpts - 10 Nov, 2010.

My True story of Orwell's Brave new World
Much of my family had close professional & personal ties with ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries), Billingham and I used to spend time, as a boy, in the social company of that ICI Plant's serving CEO during the mid-1960's. In Aldous Huxleys' insightful novel 'Brave New World' - Resident World Controller of Western Europe is Mustapha Mond. He presides over one of the ten zones of the World State, the global government set up after the cataclysmic Nine Years' War and great Economic Collapse. Sophisticated and good-natured, he is is an urbane and hyperintelligent apologist for The Brave New World and its velvet-gloved totalitarianism. Aldous Huxley visited the newly-opened and technologically-advanced Brunner and Mond plant at ICI, in Billingham UK & the introduction to the most recent print of Brave New World states that Huxley was inspired to write the classic novel (wherein Mond figures as a character), by his Billingham visit. In fact, this plant was so immaculately efficient, so Spick and Span that my Aunt from nearby Norton, by Stockton-on-Tees, who had struggled beneath the Glass Ceiling at the ICI Billingham Plant, for all her working life, was driven to commit suicide shortly after she retired, aged 60, just as Mustapha Monde's predestination model predicts in this audio extract of a reading from Orwell's Book.

Click this title link to download 'Brave New World' audiobook extract.

Click this link for Melvyn Bragg analysis of the Mustapha Monde Character.

Melvyn Bragg, BBC & Juntawatch — 9 Nov, 2010.
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com - daily's!
'Since October 30th, 2006...
'MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com has recorded a total of 3,473 publicly-reported defense contracts with the total net worth of those contracts being $244,269,022,948. To date, that is an average of $804 per every member of the US citizenry.' ... 'View Contracts.' There were 231 publicly-reported Defense Contracts listed this Month totaling $16,584,062,744.
That's 2,249 new contracts worth $174,299,972,302 in about nine months since end March 2007 working from these figures publicly released by the United States Department of Defense.
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com — 29 Dec, 2007.

The Pentagon's 'New World Order' map.
A leading Pentagon thinker privately reveals all about his 'SysAdmin' & '3-force structure' model for US state-sponsored rogue networks, a Military Market Nexus & Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW) or "moo-twah". Therein, Homeland Security need view civilians & human nature as potential components of 'terrorism' for their part played in the unpredictable 'lesser includeds'!
This talking-head for the Military Industrialists affirms that his proposals are being widely implemented & that it is only US armed-forces that can enforce & ensure economic globalisation.
A reminder about PNAC & New World Order.
A haughty & mocking 1990's drafted agenda addressed to US Presidents including Clinton, the CIA & other US Government bodies directly challenging the ability of the appointed US Administration to deal with the coming century. Its signatories include Nixon Administration cronies & Gulf War 2 architects Dick Cheyney, Scooter Libby, Don Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. President Bush is connected to PNAC through his brother, Jeb, an original member. During the Clinton administration, PNAC published a position paper advocating the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Eerily the report predicted the first preemptive war in U.S. history would be supported by the American people if they suffered a "catastrophic and catalyzing Pearl Harbour-type event" (PNAC's words).
This catalysing event proved to be of course, 9/11.
Juntawatch & King-George.biz - July 2007
Ex-CIA Man Exposes Car "Bomb" Hysteria.
"We're looking at 'yuppie-terrorists' at minimum. They could afford a Mercedes but couldn't afford enough money for a class in how to make a decent bomb that would actually go off."
Larry Johnson.
Ex-deputy Director, State department's Office of Counter terrorism under Bush Senior.
Propagandamatrix + Youtube - July 1.
VA Tech shutdown & evacuated. 2006.
During the VA-tech press conferences Police and VA tech Governors struggled to find any snippet to offer the press about evacuation/shutdown policies. However, 8 months previously, a William Morva, accused of shooting & killing a police officer and a security guard, is captured after a day-and-a-half manhunt that prompts the shutdown and evacuation of Virginia Tech. From an Appalachians newspaper.
roanoke.com - Aug 21 2006.
VA Massacre: The Cops couldn't protect you!
The Media have, to agenda, focused public attention on the shooter's status as a 'loner' with problems. Who ordered the cops not to enter the buildings 2 hours earlier?
40 years ago cops were not cowards, they knew their job was to protect the public and they didn't hide behind trees while wearing kevlar bullet proof body armor and toting sub-machine guns, cowering in fear at the prospect of facing up to a punk with a pea-shooter." - 16 April 2007.
  Matt Kazee, student at VA talks to Alex Jones.
       Mp3 format Mp3 (right-click»save as:) 28.4Mb.
"There were 4 bomb threats on campus this week."
"There were bomb threats whilst this was going on"!
This is an astonishing insight to events. Killer's Brother was Afghan/Iraq vet just sent down for 35 years for murder. What the press didn't tell you.
You MUST listen to this. - 16 April.
Groundhog day in Iraq: around 170 dead.
Like just about every day since March 20th, 2003, suicide bombers have been about their miserable work in Iraq again today. There is the most appalling carnage in and around Baghdad where a series of car bombs in a short space of time have killed almost 170 people, one of the highest death tolls since the war began. In the deadliest single attack, 118 people died in a car bomb explosion in the Shi_ite neighbourhood of Sadriya. But rather than blaming Iran in Pavlovian response, we should remember the 400 Tonnes of Saddam-regime explosives in a huge bunker that the US marines left accessible to Iraqi insurgents just after the invasion. How many IED's will that build?
IraqBodyCount link - 18 April 2007.
Israel told to play War deadline fear-card?
8 March: "Israel's National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Division presents the following updated travel warnings for Israelis traveling abroad. It is advised that travelers should avoid visiting and leave the area as soon as possible in the following high to very high-threat countries:
Algeria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Somalia, Thailand, Syria & Yemen ... "

Are UK Energy suppliers in a Price Cartel?
Energy Watch & Working lunch note that I am composing a damning report on alleged price tampering & false promises of Britain's leading energy supplier operating in a so-called 'deregulated energy market' - British Gas.
Their East-West cartel is targetting the impoverished, notably, falsifying numbers allocated 'Winter-Rebates'.
Upcoming Juntawatch special. - 3 May 2007
How CIA & Gordon Brown enslaved Britain.
Two days after the tactical New-Labour landslide election victory in '97, Gordon Brown handed interest rates control to DeAnne Julius a former CIA operative appointed in 1991 to the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee.
juntawatch special.
MI5 Big-man: Spy, mole and terror sleuth.
2007: MI5 inherits National Security for N. Ireland as a new Director of MI5 is appointed.
"In 2001 he was appointed to the Security Service's Management Board as director of international counter terrorism - ten days before [...] the 9/11 attacks."
But what are his views on the history of rogue  elements in Northern Ireland's Special Branch?
BBC & The Scotsman.
Trident Tested Solution to STOP all wars!
Is the Military Industrial Complex via the proxy of Intelligence forcing its £20bn Trident system on the Nation by challenging 90+ backbenchers with the inevitability of 'a dirty-bomb' in London?
Juntawatch Opinion.
Sign the 9.11-Truth,  no.10, e-petition.
It may seem futile but at least you won't feel alone.
'Radiation Monitor Alert'. For winter hot spots.
The 'Radiation Monitor Alert' series of dosimeters and detectors " [...] for General public, Geologist, Rock collector, Laboratory technician..... "
I used the very original 'Monitor Alert 4' development prototype way back in the 80's for a survey of Sellafield which I had published in the UK Guardian newspaper. This was 6 weeks before a fire & entire plant shutdown.
What's missing from UK's Nuke 'consul'?
What's missing is a mention of the entire nuclear industry's intimate relationship with weapons of mass delusion and hence the Military Industrials.
Plus, dwindling yellowcake resources & the cost of clean up for civil reactors ledgered against the once speculated for profits due from U238 sales to Iran by the 'Tripartite' Ger, Fra, and Britain. Then there's the leaks:
juntawatch unique report
'THORP' reprocessing plant     (right-click»save as:)
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