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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updatedMonday 20 May, 2013.
First Created: 13·Dec·2010.

This is a new report, the data for which I have had for nearly 2-yrs but have not reproduced previously in this form, on the Juntawatch website. The graphic data below was once hosted on a forum that was hacked & taken offline.

Following the Crash of Colgan 3407 (Continental Airlines) on Friday 13th February, 2009 (at ~ 03:20 UK-Time) and during the hours of the 13th and subsequent days, Juntawatch noticed significant increase in US Military, US Government (& Russian Federation) visitor traffic to this site. Within 3 hours of the air incident, 6195 hits had been recorded on the ISP server logs. Normally, as shown below we would have, ~300 for a 24-hr period. The greater part of the 6195 figure occurred during just 3-hrs, from 03.20z GMT.

Although in my mind, and after no less than 4½ yrs of reflection on the matter, I came to this conclusion, namely, that Ms Eckert died of the 'Watershed Accident which should never have happened' (Official Quotes by FAA and President O'Bama), and the dramatic way in which she died is sadly more honorous of the great personal sacrifices that this women had made after the events of 9/11, and in her subsequent life, yet notwithstanding this, such a conclusion does not wholly cover for the remaining sense of iniquity around the whole affair of Ms Eckert's Demise. The Colgan-Air 3407 incident was indeed so statistically unlikely that it's occurrence was sufficient to have led fairly easily to the enquiry and massive & unprecedented reforms of the US Deregulated Air Industry which followed a couple of years & swiftly to boot, later. And especially when considered in the frame 'contiguously' with the death of her husband at World-Trade-Center Two on September 11 these 'coincidences' are indeed statistically minute in the likelihood of their coincidence within 7yrs 5 months, one of the other. The much needed reorganisation of the civilian airline industry as her final token is characteristic and emblematic of her work and these final achievements should be remembered as the obituary and Epitaph of this fine person's exemplified life of wholesomeness and trustworthy commitment.

The following graphics from the actual ISP's 'Server-logs' show what is clearly proof of conscious internet monitoring activities, of 9/11-Truth sites, by US Government; and US Military and this is evidenced in the extremely high, indeed exponential curve of traffic to this site immediately following the Crash of Flight Colgan-3407. You'd be dumb-as-dogmuck to deny this fact. NB: the Airplane crashed at around 10pm US time, that's Friday 3 am, UK local time. That's long after Desk-Jocks have gone home. So who or what was at work and who or what was directing all this real-time monitoring/visits?

Screengrab 00.43z 14th Feb, 2009
Screengrab made 00.43z 14th February., 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

Screengrab made 03.38z 19th Feb, 2009
Screengrab made 03.38z 19th February., 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

Whereas during a normal Month of visits to this site we would at the time get ~3 recorded visits from the 'US-Government' labeled and identified (by our ISP) IP addresses; in just 3 hours of Colgan 3407 coming down, we received ~33 hits from US-Government and 70 from sites clearly identified (by their own TCP/IP IP header labels) as originating from The RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel
Screengrab made 01.00z 14th February., 2009 (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

Screengrab made 16.07z 1st Mar, 2009
Screengrab made 16.07z 1st March, 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

Of the US-GOVERNMENT IP's within the first hours or day, around 33 were identified as US-MILITARY. Now remember, COLGAN 3407 fell suddenly from the skies at ~20:10 Local EST, that's ~03:10 UK time, on FRIDAY 13th, 2009. It would be agreed, we think, that most Government offices, indeed most US MILITARY sites with IT investment as a major asset, would already be closed for the weekend, with their operators returned to their wives for the w/e break.

Then why so much interest at this peculiar hour, beyond the end of the working week???

The 'US-MILITARY' identified traffic continued into March with (if our memory meshes correctly with these images grabbed at the time from our server logs), another peak between the beginning through 6th March, wherein the stats doubled again for these 'US MILITARY' IP's.
From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel
Screengrab taken 11.00z 6 March. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

So, whereas the 'Network' traffic in general peaked and fell away very sharply, the morning of the 13th Feb, 2009, virtually overnight, the interest from US-MILITARY, the 'RUSSIAN FEDERATION', 'VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS' and least of all 'US-GOVERNMENT' IP's remained high and accrued for the next 2 to 3 weeks into MARCH, after which it finally tailed off.
From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel
Screengrab made 00.20z 13th March, 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel).

However, going by the traffic downloaded by all these Government visits, or rather anomalies, the reason for the visits was not to read or specifically study the content of our article(s) about Beverly Eckert, although these pages had by far, in an order of magnitude (×10), the most increase of visits and ranked at #1, we suspect they rather resulted from remote Bots and monkeys in US Military and Government scanning the meta-tags & content of this website. We cannot otherwise account for this activity.
Screengrab made 16.07z 1st March, 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel)
Screengrab made 02.15z 16th February, 2009. (From Stats at 123-reg.co.uk: ctl-panel)

Voluntary Organisation Interest. We cannot speculate, but both Beverly Eckert and Global Currency Exchange Mechanism/Company XE.com (an impossible two-letter TLD according to W3C) both supported 'Habitat for Humanity' at the time of the fall of COLGAN 3407. See:

Beverly Eckert volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Habitat Web & NY Times articles.

XE supports Habitat for Humanity. From XE.com website and May 2009 Newsletter.

Of course, that all adds up to nothing at all, but We thought it worth posting, for the record.
Also according to one blogger: "The day (UK time) of the airplane crash was Friday the 13th (Very occult date) and it was the 44th day of the year (Obama is the 44th President). It also left 322 days to the end of the year -- 322 is the number of the very nefarious elite secret society known as the Order of Skull & Bones". Also Visit:

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