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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Added: 18 July 2007.
BBC gets Graded for Deceipt & 'Deliberate attempt to deceive'.

When the BBC gets chastised for not keeping it's own (Broadcasting) house clean it can behave like a bunch of stroppy adolescents. But this time they have pulled themselves in. Tonight at midnight all phone-in based competitions have been pulled whilst the Culture & Media Committee announced their intent to review not only the behaviour of editorial staff on all phone-in competition but that the BBC's 16,000/17,000 strong workforce in all domains will be now obliged to undergo a comprehensive set of training modules & seminars — on honesty!

Michael Grade the former DG of the BBC and how head of the age-old (1950's) terrestrial competitor ITV declared tonight that any of his current staff found to be involved in efforts to mislead the public would be 'shown the door'. I wonder if that will apply elsewhere to higher-ranking editors and producers who edit the content of politically sensitive programs?

Grade has been issuing a series of sometimes-mixed messages during the day to various news channels like when interviewed for Channel4 TV news he stated, "the likes of YouTube & Wikipedia are unreliable sources of information whereas we at the BBC are seen as reliable & trustworthy." By Ten o'clock the same evening whilst speaking on BBC's own Newsnight he seemed to have mellowed his tones stating more reflectively, "There is a deliberate attempt to deceive ... This is something I have never seen before (at the BBC)."

This most recent statement detracts from the theme dwelt on all day such that some of the corruption that has been taking place on the named programs will have been due to outside contractors with many trainee staff, working perhaps for free and certainly under great strain in a highly competitive marketplace within the BBC, not understanding the importance of the aforementioned 'standards'.

The current Director General of the corporation Mark Thompson has stated "The BBC will not tolerate serious breaches of editorial standards". Both men stake claim to 'our high standards' with Thompson iterating that "Compliance with our standards is not an option but an absolute necessity."

The Daily Mail of July 18 produced a comprehensive enough article on The BBC fraud scandal.
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