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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Lauro Chavez Clarifies Points For His Critics.
Lauro Chavez sent us an email today clarifying some issues that have been raised since he appeared on the Alex Jones show on Monday:

Reproduced Courtesy of: Prisonplanet | September 26 2006

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Things people are questioning:

My letter was in no way intended to be my “Whistle blowing” statement.
- First let me start with telling everyone, that this letter, was a rant to the chief editor of the Cincinnati Post, Mr. Robert White. I sent it to him, after reading an article posted there called “1 in 3 believes in 911 conspiracy”. To which they proceed to debunk us good American people who know for a fact something about 911 does not add up. Mr. White never responded to my email. Again, it was a rant that included both fact from my time in the Army, facts I have learned from my extensive research on this topic, and my opinions. I’ve been asked to sign an affidavit, and I will, once I review it with my attorney.

My DD214 – not signed on block 22
- Honestly I don’t have an answer for this, but there are many different versions of the 214 – and if you google image search for that, you’ll see what I mean. Secondly, I think that his typed signature was considered “signed”. It is my official 214.

Couldn’t find records of him ever being at CENTCOM.
- Easy – the issue here is that the military will not release personnel information without federal authority. Even then it’s difficult to get. So, I would expect you couldn’t find any military public records on me. If you do, let me know so I can sue them.

Stating that the SCIF was an underground bunker
- I used the best dumbed down terms I could to describe this to Mr. White. So, I said “basically an underground bunker”. Read carefully people, the word “basically” is there. The SCIF, the main SCIF at CENTCOM is not underground. It is just lower than ground level and is fortified. You also have to have had a TopSecret clearance to get access.

Not having an Afghan Service Ribbon listed on my 214 – NOTE: I don’t have a Combat action Badge either.
- Reason for this, is that upon my return from Afghanistan , I opted for a chapter 13 discharge. Which is an early release from service for higher education. It states that a person with an acceptance letter from an accredited university can be released from active duty up to 6 months prior than the original ETS (End Term of Service). So, I gave up the medals for an early release from the service. I’m entitled to them, and if I wanted them, all I have to do is send a letter to the Army Personnel office to update my 214 and send me the medals. Honestly I don’t care – it’s just a piece of plastic.

How did I know Cheney was in charge of NORAD, prior to it becoming public?
- Easy, in the Army and whole of the DoD there is a thing called chain of command. Every solider is supposed to be aware of who his superiors are. When Cheney was announced to be taking over NORAD, the CoC was updated and passed out to all of us. This, I’m sure, was prior to the public release of this information. There were many military friends of mine, at the time, that questioned this action.

Why don’t I remember the names of the Air Force liaison that verbally confirmed there was an order to stand down on the scrambling of jets to intercept the hijacked planes?
- Well, it’s been like over 5 years, I don’t remember everyone – do you remember who you went to high school with? Heck, I have a hard time remembering names of people when I meet them. There were over 2,500 military personnel at CENTCOM during my time there. We were given verbal confirmation by this Colonel, that NORAD received stand-down orders. Meaning, planes were to stand-down on intercepting the hijacked planes. At the time, I think we were just glad we had an answer at all. Usually, you don’t get much information, just someone shrugging their shoulders.

How is it that a “mere” sergeant can associate with these high ranking people.
- I love this one ;o) Well, CENTOM “is a place to send old colonels to die” as they say. It’s a very lush, comfy, command for people to play out the rest of their time before they get to retire. Lots and lots of generals, colonels, admirals, etc are stationed at CENTCOM. That place was crawling with rank – I was one of only 6 sergeants in the whole command. Yes, we had some higher enlisted people, SFC, SSG, Chiefs, and Master Chiefs, but E5 and below were few and far between. To get stationed at CENTCOM was a privilege in the Army – that was like one of the best places to get sent. An Air Force Base in Florida , on the coast, are you kidding me – who wouldn’t want to go there. The on base housing is right on the beach. I had to re-enlist to get that assignment. I came from FT Hood Texas , which was my prior duty station. I re-enlisted to get MacDill.

Where was the letter posted in the Cincinnati Post?
- Well, it was never posted to my knowledge. I sent Mr. White that letter and he never sent me a thank you, and F-You, or anything. I never got a response at all. So, to my knowledge it’s not posted. I bet he wished he posted it now.

USCENTCOM only participates in exercises in the Middle East .
- This is simply not true. Their main focus is undoubtedly the Middle East , however, they support conus (Country Side) exercises all the time. Honestly, again this comes back to the amount of people at the command. There were many people who had never even been in the SCIF – there are tons of people who stay in their office and never leave except to go to the restroom or leave for the day. Just because someone says that, means they didn’t know what all the different directorates did. CENTCOM has many departments, from Psychological Operations, Military Intelligence, including Linguists, and many, many Liaisons to other DoD Commands.

Lauro "LJ" Chavez

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