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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Anthropogenic (human cause) Climate Change is for most part a Fraud.
Witchcraft on Catalyst —

Witchcraft: ‘Scary weather is coming, it’s all our fault, be afraid!’ — This is the modus operandi of the ancient witchdoctor: ‘I can stop the storms — send us your tithe’

What is 'Eco-Fascism'?
As Maurice Strong who spearheaded the 1991 Rio Earth Summit wrote in the U.N.’s Conference on Environmental Development (UNCED) report: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle-class … involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, ownership of motor vehicles, small electric appliances, home and work place air- conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable .… A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmental damaging consumption patterns.
That is 'Eco-Fascism'?

'Live' Realtime Image, renewed several times daily from NASA 'MDI Continuum'.
A Cold Indifferent Sun looks down whilst The Banks Pull-off €33 Billion ‘Climate-Change’ Heist.

40% of Brits label climate change 'media hype'

Is there a cold Future lying in wait for us?

Global Warming and Cooling - The Reality
Alarmists say that Co2 is rising and temperatures are rising so in the absence of any other known cause it must be man made CO2 that is warming the planet. That approach ignores both the differing scale of the possible influencing factors and the clear historical relationship between cooler climates and periods of a less active sun.

The Death Blow to Anthropogenic Global Warming
The influence of the sun has been discounted in the climate models as a contributor to the warming observed between 1975 and 1998. Those who support the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), now known as anthropogenic climate change so that recent cooling can be included in their scenario, always deny that the sun has anything to do with recent global temperature movements.

LATEST Solar-Science Resources:

SOHO MDI Continuum Latest Image — Today’s Sunspot Imagery

NASA Discuss Conditions On And Surrounding The Sun

Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-Year Low.

The sun is ‘cooling’, the sunspot count is extraordinarily low and 'retarded' at this node of solar minimum and this probably equates directly to more cloud seeding & formation, resulting in a Global Cooling. The solar-wind from sunspots and occasional CME's or Coronal Mass Ejections affects the aggregation of cloud seeding microscopic particles in the atomosphere. The Science behind ‘Global Warming’ seems to be another joke shop episode altogether, with the evidence pointing largely away from any primary human contribution, or ‘Anthropogenic’ cause.

One thing is sure, 32 years ago when I was at college, we were told on the news that the imminent climate catastrophe was 'Global Cooling', and we were warned that the River Thames was going to freeze over at any moment, just like the profiteering, hegemonic calls and claims of the pseudo-science prophets of doom do today, except contemporarily the cry is that we are all going to be poisoned by Carbon Dioxide.

Have you any idea how essential CO2 is for the survival of life on earth via the ‘Carbon Cycle’? Did you not go to school at all? If there were no CO2 all plant life would die off and the human race will starve itself out of existence. The hidden agenda of many Misanthropes. THIS is why you will be taxed needlessly, priced out from flying or commuting in your cars. You are to be punished but later on you may be starved out of existence. THIS IS THE NEW EUGENICS, the creed of the Misanthropes.

Here are some important basic facts. Last year the European Community gathered in as part of the Carbon credits 'Tax' (conveniently renamed Tariff) a massive €33Billion. The International banking families admitted that they would arrange to arrest from the state the power for collection of the Carbon Credit/Tariff putting these ill-gotten gains directly into the Banks. My Bank RBS offers me this service which for a business is worth upto £15,000 per annum of tax that the bank takes in exchange for the right for you to contribute to the alleged Carbon Footprint. These figures were openly published on the BBC's Panorama programme about two weeks ago. The Ministers/Financiers and Bankers involved with this system are charged with doing do-goody two shoes projects like planting trees in Brazil where the forced deforestation has been going on for decades. How much has been spent? Little or nothing because they claim they can't agree on suitable strategies because of the local Politics. So, in one year alone that's €33Bn in the Major bank's pockets for interest and 'safe-keeping'.

When before have The Banks had the powers of collecting Taxes for The Government? It is tax collection by another name, coyly disguised.

These fraudsters are committing acts of gross theft in the name of a fake scenario of human created 'Climate Change' and I am for one, fuming mad about it.
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