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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated: 8 Mar 2007.
Lastnight the BBC 'Conspiracy files' 911 edition was shown and looks to me as if it was a hotchpotch of the alleged two versions that were prepared, then being chopped together. First 20 minutes, I'd say quite evocative of the 911-truth movement whilst the rest of the hour did seem to come down with the heavy snide tones present in previous programmes in the series.
Despite initial optimism on the WTC7 subject, the programme fails to mention Silverstein's famous PBS TV showing of "they decided to pull it, and we watched it come down"!

Some healthy initial focus is put on Dylan Avery. The interviewers visit his up-state NY home where he has 3 other 911 investigators and friends present. He explains how the whole project started up on a shoestring budget and this portrayal, in my opinion is likely the most reliable one made in the show.

Scholars for 9/11 truth are identified and Jim Fetzer is interviewed briefly but portrayed in typical 'Conspiracy Files' fashion as being a bit cranky whilst none of the astounding facts that this group have dug up about 'Ground-Zero' were even once mentioned!
Alex Jones was inevitably also compared or equated with the evangelical religious archetype.

Frank Spotnitz, former writer & executive producer for the 'X-Files' was interviewed and did an inappropriate & amateurish breakdown on the psychology and mindset of the typical conspiracy believer. His references to the 'comfort blanket' of the truth-seeker's belief system are not convincing since I find absolutely nothing comforting in any of the allegations we must leverage towards some high officials in regard of the events of 9.11. Similarly, would you?

In my experience the best of comfort blankets comes with accepting things as they appear at first glance & without questioning what you are being told. Perhaps Spotnitz's blanket is more associated with the comfort that money is alleged to bring. However the engaging with issues like the pursuit of truth, has in this world likely never come with a 'comfort blanket' or anything vaguely recognizable as such. There may be hidden health benefits, but that's associated with the work & not through sitting back with a metaphorical Mohair blanket. I have one by the way!

Spotnitz should also know better since 'The lone-gunmen', an X-File spin-off that helped conclude the latter series' themes, featured in 2000 an almost identical scenario to that of the events of 9.11, of aircraft being flown into the WTC. Actually this theme is '2nd or 3rd hand' & common within the American story-telling zeitgeist, which does nothing to detract from the fact that despite this the US Government says it was totally unprepared for this sort of attack.
So, again no 'comfort blanket' effect to be felt from dwelling upon conspiracy theories here!
Haglund, 'Langley' of 'X-files'. interview about 'Lone-gunmen' & 9/11 Mp3 format (right-click»save as:).

The programme managed to finish on the emotionally loaded and totally foreseeable comments:
"The 911 conspiracy file is certain to remain open for a very long time to come, however distressful and painful for the families of those that died that day".

No mention of the 'Jersey girls'' or '911 widows'' huge contribution to the 911 Commission Report and I think typical of the condescendingly predictable manner in which 'Auntie Beeb' talks down to the children, who are the public, discouraging new blood from looking into 9.11 issues.

Therein lies a massive show of disrespect for those ladies.
Disgraceful, and I'd guess that we're all quite sick of it.

My Conclusions about the 911 'Conspiracy Files'?
It proves that the BBC with its £2bn+ ($4bn+) annual income & budget sourcing entirely from the licence payer serves as stoolpigeon for the Military Industrial Complex most efficiently.
The rogue elements in Military Intelligence must think they've got a real bargain here.

Overall **
Quality: 5
Content: 4
Value for licence fee: 2.

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Update: 8 Mar 2007.
Richard Porter is head of news, BBC World. In the 'BBC editors Blog' He replied to the allegations of an intention within the organisation to aid a cover up of evidence for a pre-meditated controlled demolition of WTC7.
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