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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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A couple of Air-Force Sell-outs write books, hit the talk-show circuit. A couple of guys make movies. Carter says he saw a UFO. Next thing you know I’ve got a crowd”:
— Eric Crawford;- Inheritor of the Groom Lake ‘alien’ project in “Taken”, by Bohem and Spielberg.

'And just what did he have to say?': "That you are Brilliant, Driven, a major pain in the ass, and obsessed with a field of study he considers tantamount to professional suicide".
— Ellie Arroway's first adult conversation in "Contact", the screen adaptation of Carl Sagan's Book.

"But we're not ready to be anything but spectators in this; anything more; — (just turned to) stone".
- (As per gazing upon The Medusa).

Of course the Freemasons and Knights Templar might well refer to aliens as 'demons', for they see themselves as 'Gods'.
The Templars, like the Masons specialise in symbolism & in regard to this case, the appropriation of a symbol as 'capstone'.
If you believe this & in a future founded on our 'self-inflicted wounds' of two Millennia; then try seeing through the eyes of 'ET'.

burial slab full

My artifact thus presented with some photographic evidence is in fact a Medieval 'Burial Plinth'. There is more information on this object but concern somewhat for its safety means I am going to for a while retain its location & further details, suffice to say, I have had a 'translation' for some of the symbolism on the stone done, other than the disk itself which is enigmatic and unique, and has as yet, no other interpretation other than what we are accustomed to. And no, it's not the representation of a hat of any kind. Trust me!

medieval disk on knight's templar plinth.

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