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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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911-truth & W.H.Y Last Update: 15 Oct, 2007.

911 Toolkit: Essential reading.

MADE IN USA.  adobe .pdf format   (right-click»save as:)
© 2004 by Webster Griffin Tarpley
"Synthetic terrorism is a strategy used by oligarchs for the purpose of waging war on the people – that is to say, on the middle class in Machiavelli’s sense of popolo."

9/11 Synthetic Terror
Made in USA.  Adobe .pdf format   (right-click»save as:)
2nd Edition Updates.
Jan. 2006 by Webster Griffin Tarpley
"This book argues the rogue network MIHOP (“made it happen on purpose”) position. This sees the events of 9/11 as a deliberate provocation manufactured by an outlaw network of high officials infesting the military and security apparatus of the United States and Great Britain..."

Get the full cover foldouts to make your own physical copy or annotate to .pdf file from:

9/11 Hijackers used Secret Service Codes!
How could reportedly disorganized and incompetent hijackers or cave dwelling terrorists thousands of miles away, know how to threaten Air Force One with classified Secret Service codes on 9/11/2001?
Google Video — November 21, 2007
The NIST WTC Fires Computer Simulation
Computer Simulation of the Fires in the World Trade Center Towers (Draft).
Sept. 2005
Adobe .pdf file ms powerpoint file (right-click»save as:)
50Mb. - 164 pages
The NIST WTC Catastrophic fire Analysis.
Global Structural Analysis of the Response of the World Trade Center Towers to Impact Damage and Fire (Draft).
Sept. 2005
Adobe .pdf file ms powerpoint file (right-click»save as:)
18.9Mb. - 472 pages
Senator Kerry's 1971 Book: 'The New Soldier'.
The Pentagon has slapped a blanket order on freelance journalists in Iraq since 2003. This famous & graphic 1971 report to the US congress brings home 'The Horror' of what happens in America's hidden killing fields, namely in this case Vietnam. 
Cheyney & Rumsfeld were on Nixon's staff & I believe they want pay back on the Anglo/US public for having helped force the US withdrawal from Vietnam.
Includes 85 dramatic photos of the Veterans on Anti-War demonstration in Washington! These photos make the images shown in Hollywood's 'Born on the 4th of July' with Tom Cruise look like a family day in the park.
If you know anyone that did a tour in Vietnam, this will take you inside their head. I once worked and lived with a 'vet and his family.
Adobe .pdf file ms powerpoint file (right-click»save as:)
2.38Mb. - 145 pages
Student at VA tech on phone to Alex Jones.
The Media have, to agenda, focused public attention on the shooter's status as a 'loner' with problems. Who ordered the cops not to enter the buildings 2 hours earlier?
"There were 4 bomb threats on the campus this week." 40 years ago cops were not cowards, they knew their job was to protect the public and they didn't hide behind trees while wearing kevlar bullet proof body armor and toting sub-machine guns, cowering in fear at the prospect of facing up to a punk with a pea-shooter." - 16 April 2007.

Prisonplanet Mp3 file Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)
VA Massacre: The Cops couldn't protect you!
"There were 4 bomb threats on campus this week."
"There were bomb threats whilst this was going on"!
This is an astonishing insight to events. Killer's Brother was Afghan/Iraq vet just sent downl for 35 years for murder of police. What the press didn't tell you.
You must listen to this. - 16 April.
Keith Olbermann's unhappy 4th of July.
'Keith Olbermann delivers arguably his most pointed and most powerful Special Comment yet on the ramifications of Bush’s commutation of Libby’s sentence.'
But are any of the crooks & liars listening or do they care anymore, what even the great political commentators think? These people believe they will have the world entire placed in their hands if they just keep it up.
Perhaps this should be called: 'Died on the ...
... 4th of July" .wmv Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)
911-truth & W.H.Y Last Update: 14 March, 2008.

Juntawatch on the BBC, Bev Eckert's Legacy.
Well for those that missed it — (Lucky You!); Here's my first contribution to the legacy & memory of Bev, with a contribution to a Torture Phone-in on the BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine Show. It is a midday till 2pm controversial UK Political Subject Chat Show, with Politicians and Callers appearing to deal with the weeks important issues.
The show aired on Monday 23rd Feb, 2009 and featured Tory MP David Davis who prsented himself firmly in the Anti-Torture camp, and claims to have primary sources within the CIA; though not that I believe he would demonstrate integrity and stick to such propaganda should his party be elected.
You can hear my penneth worth at twenty minutes in, but listen from the beginning to get the jist of this whole 30 minute segment of the first half, a one-hour of the two-hour show, that stuck to the subject of Torture. Beverly spoke to Obama about Guantanamo and Torture just a week before she tragically died.
Includes Original Music Interludes.

The Jeremy Vine Show — BBC Radio Two.
Right Click » Save As: "vineshow.mp3" (10¼ Mb)
Juntawatch Special. 01 March, 2009.
HAARP - Just an Ionospheric Research Lab?

Is (HAARP) more than it claims? Some months ago I met and conversed with an american citizen, a Biographer & researcher of Gram Parsons: America's archetypal Country Musician. This chap had worked at HAARP on a funded contract, years ago. He told me that the installation could easily, if need had been, deployed to 'bring-down' ealier this year 'USA 193',  a disabled US spy satellite.
Browse some IEEE documents I've accessed.

911 Toolkit: Audio & Video resources.

USCENTCOM Sergeant 'LJ Chavez' Interview.
'911 Inside-Job'  Mp3 format   (right-click»save as:)

Dial-up 56K   Sergeant 'LJ Chavez' Interview.
'911 Inside-Job'   Mp3 encoded .wav format   (right-click»save as:)

USCENTCOM Sergeant Blows Whistle On 9/11 Inside Job. "... The morning of 9-11; the command was busy with this training exercise. We were instructed to bring all our gear in to prep for a mock (staged) deployment to the Middle East."
Chavez went on to describe how CENTCOM HQ was being heavily fortified the day before 9/11 and access to the base was restricted to top secret personnel only. This ties in with a declaration of Martial Law by Jeb Bush two days previously throughout all of Florida.

'Pentagon Strike': by 'Moonwork Productions'.
'Pentagon Strike':   Flash executable Movie. CLICK & PLAY  (right-click»save as:)
This 5-minute FLASH executable movie investigates all primary aspects of the Pentagon 9.11 "Reichstag" like attack by the disparate, feuding MIC elements.
Soundtrack by Marilyn Manson & Dust Brothers.
Silverstein on PBS: WTC7- Pull it! QT movie.
Silverstein: 'Pull it'.  (right-click»save as:)
1.9 Mb.
Several witness statements show that WTC7 did not fall unaided & that there were many on the ground who knew of the plan to pull it.

WTC7: No doubting it, controlled demolition.
Alex Jones, 9 Feb.    Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)
1 Mb.

The WTC NIST Deception. 'Demo Remembers'.
The collapse of the WTC towers looked like a classic controlled demolition, said Mike Taylor of the National Association of Demolition Contractors, “It cascaded down like an implosion” “It appeared to me that charges had been placed in the building” -- Ronald Hamburger, structural engineer and contributor to FEMA and NIST reports.
MS  Powerpoint .pptms powerpoint file  (right-click»save as:)
What's to be in the new LooseChange-3 DVD?
Alex Jones interviews a WTC7 Office of Emergency Management survivor who testifies to explosions & many dead bodies in the building before even the 2nd aircraft hit the Twin Towers.
Alex Jones, 19 June.   Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)
9.3 Mb.
¤ BBC Report preempted WTC7 collapse ¤
"the establishment press have become nothing more than ditto heads of the official version of events."
External '.avi' link      (right-click»save as:)
77.75Mb. Rename this as an .flv file.

PrisonPlanet  .flv      (right-click»save as:)
59Mb. 26 minutes.

911truth.org .wmv   (right-click»save as:)
8.9Mb for 56K modem. A highly edited version.

Wimpy Standalone FLV Player (FREE).  Link 
'Veterans for 911 Truth': Audio downloads

Vets for truth on '9.11 Stand-down order'.
Robin Hordon           Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)

Pandora's blackbox: Flight 77's Data Recorder.
Rob Balsamo of Pilots for 9/11 Truth about the Flight Data Recorder allegedly from Flight 77.
Flight 77: FDR.          Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)

With 'Pilots for Truth' about flight 77 raw data.
Rob Balsamo of Pilots for 9/11 Truth on the decoded raw data file in the FDR of Flight 77, the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11.
Flight 77: Raw data    Mp3 format  (right-click»save as:)

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