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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated: 11 March, 2013.

Homeland Security-Limit Saliva on Airlines.
"We just don’t want to take chances," said TSA spokesman Ted Bonner. "If terrorists can make a bomb out of hair gel, it's only a matter of time before they move on to Spit."
Daily Kos — Nov 19, 2007.
History of the USA: 'We didn't start the fire!'
A moving & stills image collage played to the sound of Billy Joel's 80's classic tune. See also a completely different FLASH version from Ye LI.
King's College, Guildford.
My fellow Lunatics, ha ha, erm Americans ...
I'll cut right to the chase here: I quit. Now before anyone gets all in a lather about me quitting to avoid impeachment, or to avoid prosecution or something, let me assure you: There's been no breaking of laws or impeachable offenses in this office.
Severo Ornstein — 27 October, 2007.
Alex Jones goes nuts in Shawshank Redux.
I thought I was the only one who got this angry when I was his age. Excellent!! "Bunch of scumbags! You bet I'm Nuts! I'm mad that you've ruined my life, you pieces of filth but I can't back off from you & I never am. A lot of us aren't gonna make it, I'll be honest ... Just don't be cowards America, don't be weak & don't just sit there in the ditch when they shoot you in the head  & laugh ... give them one ×××× of a fight."
You Tube — 27 Oct , 2007.
How to get ahead, and win ignorant friends!
Statements made by ministers of Jehovah's Witnesses & overheard at Kingdom Halls that supposedly are meant to inform the congregation.
"Clearly the Internet is an invention of Satan."
"You may have heard of something called 'The Alternative Society', which is a code name for homosexuality."
"I see that Greenpeace are Parasites." (Heard in French KH, just weeks or months after the French Secret Service [DGSE] had blown up, sunk their flagship the 'Rainbow warrior' in Auckland harbour, NZ, killing a crew member). Oh sweet sensibilities.
Juntawatch earache — 7 Oct, 2007.
British-Rail filed a patent for flying-Saucer.
Recently uncovered plans show bosses filed for a patent in 1970 for a spacecraft powered by "controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction". The proposals were found on the European Patent Office website. The original patent application said the reaction would be "ignited by one or more pulsed laser beams".
"With a passenger compartment upstairs, it would have been cheap to run and super-fast, according to its inventor."
BBC News 24 - 13 March 2006
Family Guy Takes On 9/11.
An analogy skit from the 'Family-Guy' animation series where 9/11 is used as the justification to do anything.
Family guy on Cheyney, Bush, Osama, Satan.
The plot involves Chris Griffin sneaking past Cheyney on Bush's ranch in an attempt to "steal a pair of his underwear in order to be initiated into the Texas Youth Club."
Balmy Ballmer goes nuts for Windows Vista.
Microsoft's Heap big Chief, Steve 'gone-balmy' Balmer extols the mental health benefits of getting plenty of that California Sunshine.
big-chief goes balmy
Dear Limey assholes
Keep your noses out of our business. As I recall we kicked your asses out of our country back in 1776. We do not require input from losers and idiots on who we vote for in our own country. Fuck off and die asshole!!!!!  ‡‡ Knoxville, Iowa
The Guardian UK October 18, 2004

The indefatigable Ministry of Silly Walks!
When I got to sing the 'Lumberjack song' to John Cleese.
A BBC reporter's Exhibition of Frustration
The explosion came while reporter John Sweeney was interviewing Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who had previously objected to Sweeney's use of the word "cult."
With a back-drop of the burning Twin-Towers in the 'Mind-Control' section of Scientology's exhibition: "Psychiatry: Industry of Death", John Sweeney exposes his very 'human' response to some of Scientology's explanations of the holocaust & reveals something about his years of balanced diplomatic reporting & journalistic talents!
"I look like an exploding tomato and shout like a jet engine and every time I see it, it makes me cringe ..." Sweeney said in a story posted on the BBC News Web site. I'm almost convinced!
BBC RealMedia player
BBC John Sweeney

Apology for 'idiots' election ban.
A council has apologised for banning "lunatics, idiots, deaf and dumb" people from standing for election.
BBC news link.
Letters received by a City Council.
Actual Letters received by a City Council from local people.
Rastaman Confusion in a'Babylon.
JibJab: - The Teenagers YouTube.
JibJab's JokeBox is a trading hub for the funniest videos, photos, audio jokes and text jokes on the web—it's all about COMEDY! To date, JibJabbers have added more than 100,000 jokes to their My JibJab pages, helping us deliver fresh laughs, everyday.
Teens! Life's not fair - get used to it.
Life's 10 golden rules for your children or grandchildren. Which at this rate, non of which I will ever have. Life's not fair!!
Ireland declares war on France ... !
A man walks into restaurant with an ostrich.
Wheelchair man on motorway brothel trip.
10 thoughts for the day.
Last updated: 11 March, 2013.

My Count Arthur-Strong SOUNDS for PC.
Actually for PC/Mac/Linux Box or any machine which can find fun things to do with a hilarious set for your:
- 'SOUNDS & MULTIMEDIA' properties.

You know, when you maximise a Browser or Minimise a File Explorer, or get an alert message. For these important celebrity occasions, I have painstakingly compiled a .zip folder of Hi-Q Count-Arthur Sound-Bites for you to download and apply as you sees yourselves fitted out and uncapable of... All without any extraneous noises of laughter or background sounds, and immaculately faded at start and end for your poorest, erm I mean Purest of Sound Protection Files! Well you know what I mean!

Right Click » Save As: (.ZIP, 24Mb).

Or do same action on TITLE bar at Top.
The coolest skateboarding dog ever.
Bull terrior boards home after a day on the stones & parks up his skateboard in the usual reserved spot.
.WMV file       (right-click»save as:)  757Kb.
Sleeper's wake up call from Hungry pussy.
You Tube — 19 Oct, 2007.
The Dam-Busters: A 'tail' of planning consent.
"My first concern is; aren't the beavers entitled to legal representation? The Spring Pond Beavers are financially destitute and are unable to pay for said representation -- so the State will have to provide them with a dam lawyer."
ms powerpoint fileAdobe .pdf file (right-click»save as:)   73Kb.
Error 404: "This PAGE cannot be displayed".
A new take on that 'page cannot be found' screen!
Drink-jumping off the Empire-State building.
A good stiff drink can help get you safely to the ground.
ms powerpoint filePowerpoint file (right-click»save as:)   213Kb.
Latest PC utility. 'Super Screen Cleaner'!
No more worrying about what to use to clean your CRT, TFT, Plasma or HDTV screen. Download this beauty.
ms powerpoint filePowerpoint file (right-click»save as:)   573Kb.
The Real History of The Brassière.
Some media goons think that the 'bra first appeared around 1917. Duh! I've been looking into this & here is the real story of the ubiquitous(sic) 'bra as dating back into antiquity.
ms powerpoint fileWord Document (right-click»save as:)   34Kb.
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