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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated: 23 April 2007
It has been announced that the ‘Identity & Passport service’ will, from April, 2007 require a ‘face-to-face’ interview with applications for new passports. This the government says is to combat ‘identity theft’

However the definition of face to face has to be further defined. Obviously just being looked at & asked a few ‘non-intrusive personal questions’ by someone is not going to make the greatest of differences.

The inference is that there will be the rollout or even immediate deployment of data gathering technology for the full Biometric passport. This is the conviction held by the NO2ID campaign. This will include Retinal scans and fingerprinting. Now we can see how seamless integration between passports & the Biometric ID card can work under the supervisory role of one Government agency.

These interviews or ‘interrogations’ will occur in 69 nationwide centres.

I am not, by the way an active member of NO2ID but I have attended a recent local meeting, in Dumfries. More information from NO2ID.

When a NO2ID speaker visited Dumfries in January they described how the linked databases involved with identity and personal records would make UK more surveillance infatuated than East Germany was with the STAZI.

Juntawatch has learned that the interviews for ID cards and the new Biometric passports will occur, in the case of Scotland, in especially reserved buildings. For the South of Scotland one such centre will be located in Dumfries. We don’t know exactly where for sure just yet, however a year ago the old Social Security building at 124, Irish street was vacated as part of a move to integrate the SS into Job-Centre-Plus in the already existent Job-Centre building a little further down the same street at no 67-75.

This move was accompanied by a massive deployment of covert security cameras at the Job centre (22+ cameras on the two floors) and the employment of some ex prison service security staff to man the doors.

I spoke to this security staff at JCP. They knew only that the old SS building is owned by Trillium, is completely empty and is full of small rooms ideally adaptable to ‘interviews’ or interrogations as I have noted during my own visits to the upper floors of this highly secure, closeted and unfriendly feeling building.

Medical Services on behalf of Benefits Agency used the building in its previous life for interviews in order to determine people’s fitness or otherwise benefits eligibility following accidents etc.

So the building does offer itself as a likely candidate for the interrogation centre.

Letter sent to NO2ID 22 April 2007.
Regarding the proposed or imagined acquisition of 124 Irish st, Dumfries as an IPS interrogation centre:
I did the research about 10 days ago.

I’ve been in contact by visit and by phone with:

P×× H×××× of Planning dept;                            » 01387 260162

P××××× Howison of the Building standards Office. » 01387 260195

Both of:
Dumfries & Galloway Planning & Building Standards Office.
Kirkbank house
English st.
01387 260199

Pat Hanna, a curly haired dude accessed their computer system after a struggle with crashed IT and found that no applications for the building had been filed. However he added that because it is, and in its previous life also, was a Crown Building that therefore until 1 May this year it is exempt from having to notify local councils of any change of purpose, or works internal or external, for any purpose or end.
The same applies when the application for, or acquisition of a ‘building-warrant’ is required. A building warrant is what would be required if modifications internally to a building were required to make it fit for purpose.
Likewise, Mr Howison told me that no building warrants had been applied for and clarified the point about the building’s status as currently, until May 1, exempt from having to notify.

124 Irish, street seems to be fit for purpose but will require, some slight internal modification if it is to be used for interviews by IPS. I have been in the building on three or four occasions and it is already fitted with numerous small interview rooms with adjacent waiting rooms of varying size as used by Medical Services on behalf of the Dept for Work and pensions and formerly the SS.

So, thing to do is make another public request for access to see any building warrants or Planning applications after 1st May when the building is no longer under Crown jurisdiction so to speak.

I encouraged the council to go and have a look at the building. They said that there is no obligation on their part in the Planning/Works department(s) to request documents and it is expected that any builder / owner would make their own provisions.

Such applications would include the forwarding of FLOOR plans to the Planning and works departments, documents that they are currently, because of 124, Irish street’s past and current Crown Building status, not in possession of.

There is a caretaker who left the back door open as I passed by two weeks ago. However I was in a hurry…. And did not sneak a peak inside.

I have not seen any ‘suspicious’ activity, or the likes of builder’s vans outside. I guess that nothing is being done to the building internally or externally at present.

Graeme for Juntawatch.com

Joke shops or Al-Qaieda training & recruitment centres?

Why are UK Jobcentres being fitted with innumerable CCTV systems and BOMB warning notices?

HERE in Dumfries the Newly refurbished Jobcentre (revamped over 6-8 weeks Dec 2005/jan 2006) was incorporated with Social security who moved from 124 Irish street to 67-75 Irish street and it thus became a 'Crown-building'. This JCPlus now has 24 CCTV cameras, one for virtually each workstation /interview 'kiosk’. I have talked at length to security staff that guards the inside of this normally quiet premises and they gave me this figure. Today the 10th April, I was in the building and there is now a clearly and prominently positioned bomb warning.
According the front of house manager who I have spoken to in this regard, the biggest crimes they allege to have had on the premises was some drug dealing. Personally, I find it hard to believe that this was ever a major problem. It has more to do with the public face of ‘spin’ to serve as a warrant for this massive and intrusive incursion into basic individual freedom in the building.
I have even been, last December or so, accused falsely of making a covert recording of an interview, in the presence of my advocate that accompanied me to help me to try dodge a second ‘New deal’ punishment regime. Here I did succeed ultimately.
The allegations that were hotly defended were dropped after I published them via ‘Talk-Sport’ radio and contacted senior management who subsequently admitted to staff having been mistaken entirely in their initial firm allegations. PS It is not illegal according to the Information Commissioners office to make private recordings of interviews under a private exemption clause. I can produce all this evidence if you’d like to learn more of these particular instances.

I talked to security staff who at least feign an enlightened view on the nature of so-called home grown terrorism casting MAJOR SERIOUS doubts on the validity of some of the claims being made by the Government and the Main stream media in this regard.

I go to sign on and look for work not to be heavily targeted as a possible Al-Qaieda recruit!
Alternatively, one should ask,” what is the Government considering doing to the benefits system that would drive people people to want to bomb their local Jobcentre?”
However the security staff I have spoken to claim to be moderately or even largely aware that so called ‘home grown terror’ is in fact a military intelligence orchestrated sham as popularly portrayed in BBC’s ‘Spooks’ terror based drama series.
So, is the regime of ‘Crown buildings’ now being exploited cynically as a new surveillance & paranoia hotspot with the dubious, highly unlikely scenario of staged bombings of Jobcentres and Social Security offices since they are highly accessible government buildings available in virtually every town in the United Kingdom?

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