Actual Nuclear Thermal Rocket Propulsion systems, built & scrapped by US Administration circa. 1960-70

Courtesy MUFON 1999 13th International UFO symposium proceedings.

Data courtesy of Stanton Friedman:

NRX-A6 Westinghouse (1967) 1100Mw.gif

Phoebus 1B Los-Alamos NM.gif

Phoebus 2A Los-Alamos NM (1969).gif

XE-1 Aerojet General (1970) 1100MW.gif

XMA-1A GE Aircraft (1960) 350Mw.gif


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"The Phoebus 2B (not pictured), less than 7 feet in diameter, operated at a power level of 4,400Mw or twice the power of the old Grand Coulee Dam."