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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated: 01 November, 2013.

MilitaryIndustrial Spending compare!
'Since October 30th, 2006...
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com has recorded a total of 25,199 publicly-reported defense contracts. To date, that is an average of $6,539 for each member of the US citizenry (316,897,465 - Census.gov - 10/17/13)..
Contract Activity This Week
There have been 37 publicly-reported Defense Contracts announced This Week totaling $2,462,272,563. Down 64% from Last Week.
Contract Activity This Month.
126 publicly-reported Defense Contracts are listed This Month totaling $9,344,287,236. Down 86% from Last Month.
Contract Activity Last Month.
728 publicly-reported defense contracts were listed in September totaling $67,501,833,036.
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com — 01 Nov, 2013
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com - daily's!
'Since October 30th, 2006...
'MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com has recorded a total of 3,473 publicly-reported defense contracts with the total net worth of those contracts being $244,269,022,948. To date, that is an average of $804 per every member of the US citizenry.' ... 'View Contracts.' There were 231 publicly-reported Defense Contracts listed this Month totaling $16,584,062,744.
That's 2,249 new contracts worth $174,299,972,302 in about nine months since end March 2007 working from these figures publicly released by the United States Department of Defense.
MilitaryIndustrialComplex.com — 29 Dec, 2007.

The National Security Archive.
THE NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVE is an independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
They have recently published the Complete
Air-Ground Transcripts of Hijacked 9/11 Flights Recordings.
The National Security Archive - July 2007
July Seventh Truth Campaign.
This site was set-up in the wake of the London bombings on July 7th 2005 with the aim of getting to the truth about what really happened on the day that 56 people were killed and over 700 injured on London transport.
Witnesses to explosions in the WTC.
A) Police & Firemen witness loud explosion
B) WTC Parking lot explosion @9:46am.
YouTube - Added March 20, 2007

Statewatch: 'No News is Good News'.
Investigative journalism, critical research in EU matters of state, home affairs & civil liberties.
This is the definitive, goldmine resource for all the latest on totalitarian regime laws being drawn up behind closed doors throughout UK & EU.
"Four detailed Statewatch analyses of the draft EU measures show the extent to which powerful member states are driving down standards of human rights protection in the creation of the so-called EU "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice".
Press release: 18 April 2007.
From the North, complete with genuine accent, our very own Paul Joseph Watson.
Vital go now.
Computer Pro's for Social Responsibility.
Founded by Severo Ornstein; veteran anti-Vietnam activist. Ex-Lincoln labs, Palo-Alto research center, The BBN hardware ace behind the breakthrough 1970's ARPANET Interface-Message-Processors.
911 Blogger: alternative 9/11 related news
More Ground Zero Heroes On The Record:
'CampaignIran'- against an Iran Invasion.
Escalating threats of U.S. Attacks Against Iran.

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