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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated:  11 June 2011.

Do the 'Northwoods documents' point to British or other foreign Military Intelligence agencies involvement in the Kennedy assassinations & the 911 conspiracies?
These documents were released around 2003 after an FOIA request from journalist James Banford formerly of ABC News.

The "Northwoods Documents" released under US-FOIA were drawn up for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These documents include an "appendix to Enclosure A". Pages footed 5, 6.
There are edit marks that distinguish the 'vetting' or 'coordination' of the appendix's content from the JCS main. Read the full document from start to finish. You'll see how it works
This appendix is an attachment document outlining the contents ("the projects listed in the enclosure hereto are forwarded...") of the drafted document headed "annex to appendix to Enclosure 'A'". Pages footed 7-11.


On these pages are outlined numerous plans for staged 'hijacking' of 'Civil airlines' and other scenarios as a pretext for a ~1963, US invasion of Cuba. This appendix is written in British-English not US-English & was evidently authored outside of the US. Others have suggested that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence services, conceived these proposals. The following paragraph describes why I propose a British Intelligence services origin for the "annex to appendix to Enclosure 'A'".


For this I identify the phrase "The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday". [Para 8, page footed 10]. The term 'holiday' has always been expressly used in the British rather than American lexicon.  Especially back in early 1960's USA, the term 'holiday' would, I can say with great surety never have been used in any context, formal or informal. Rather 'vacation' was and remains the appropriate 'Americanism'.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff were outsourcing for the basic ideas of a military & paramilitary plan. ["It is assumed that there will be similar submissions from other agencies"]. On first page.

Following The Suez conspiracy of Sept-Nov 1956 with Israel, France & UK co-conspiring to invade Egypt on the dubious pretext that was the "Nationalisation of the Suez canal", UK had temporarily broken ranks from the 'special-relationship' with United-States, perhaps additionally setting another precedent for rogue militaristic adventurism in the middle-East.
If genuine, these documents outline plans which may have served to incite the rise of a junta within the US Military providing both a scenario for the elimination of President John F. Kennedy with his oppositions to the invasion of Cuba & a workable strategy for the later 9/11 terror attacks.

Simply put, I could be leveling here, an accusation without sufficient supportive evidence. But I say it is up to British Military Intelligence to use the UK FOI act to publicly refute my purported allegations and prove they had nothing to do with 'Project Cuba'.

Northwoods Document

My annotated Northwoods PDF documents—800Kb adobe .pdf format   (right-click»save as:)
Un-annotated Northwoods PDF documents—780Kb adobe .pdf format   (right-click»save as:)

UPDATE: 11 June, 2011. From material provided by Pilots for 9/11-Truth

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And from the 2009 Blog of 'Global-Strategist' Thinker, P.M Barnett, actual Commie Prevert for all the good he does for the image of US entrepreneurial mindset; and former of the U.S. Naval War College.
What 'you've got to do, you've got to do', especially if you're a Genetically Predestined PREDATOR.
It's all the 'innocent' dead; if there is such a thing in the Global Genetics Exterminationist Forum, that would hang on my conscience but this guy's not me, and neither are you. There's the rub! Carry-on!

PM Barnett's 3-Force Vision for Staged Globalisation with standard 'State-Sponsored'; 'False-Flag' Terrorism
     'Hidden-in-Plain-View' evidence, exposing standard Operational Procedure.
PM Barnett's 3-Force Projections thru' standard 'False-Flag' Terrorism


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