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Retired General Tommy Ray Franks, former Commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and present there as 9/11 unravelled.
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Last updated: 07 Mar 2013.
During the week of 4 July 2005, the G8 conference at Gleneagles, Scotland attracted the attention of the intelligence services, which advised that London's senior anti-terrorist Police officers be re-deployed there. In their absence on July 7, 52 died in London in the tube & bus bombings.

Tavistock Sq, Witnesses

It was revealed today Tuesday, January 9, 2007 by the director of MI5, Eliza Mannigham-Buller that she had issued notice to Labour-whip MP's just 24 hours before the bombings of 7/07 that no imminent threat of terrorism to Britain existed.

There is one characteristic of the actions of the Military Industrial Complex and their 'brothers-in-arms', the rogue-elements hanging around in Military Intelligence. They are detectable by their hatred of peace across borders. They have long conspired against our freedoms as subjects of her Majesty & they most certainly mock organisers of events such as 'G8-Alternatives' and Bob-Geldofs' 'Long March' to Edinburgh, Gleneagles and the rest of it in July 2005.
That's why in my mind the latter served ideally as a 1st layer of cover (Peter Power's Visor Consultants terror-training exercise being the 2nd), for what may well turn out to have been permitted or staged bombings.  ‡‡
I believe it was no coincidence that the events of 7/07/2005 occurred with mass 'Alternate-culture' events serving as a double-whammy level of cover for the 'permitted go-ahead' status that had been assigned these bombings.

A workable if not entirely similar scenario was even once vividly played out on BBC's 9pm-spot MI5 centred thriller-drama series "Spooks" in 2006.
Here bodged MI6 & MI5 collusion on an international plot (allied supply of nukes for a proxy stand-off against Iran via the intermediary of Syria, as appeasement for terror-bomb threats levelled against London) almost catastrophically accedes to Syrian or Palestinian military trained suicide bombers demands, as the disparate elements of intelligence fail to communicate, resulting in the bombers nearly following through with suicide attacks in central London.

'Red-Herring' Kingston Demolition Van at scene of Tavistock Sq Bus Bomb

In a 60 Minute BBC Panorama programme broadcast the 30 April 2007, Peter Clarke, the 'National Coordinator for Terrorist Investigations' & Deputy-Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, pointedly fails to deny that one of the 7/07 co-conspirators was a British Military Intelligence asset, Mohammed Quayyum Khan identified as 'Q' also known under several aliases, one being apparently, according to 'Panorama', Abdul Khayam.
Clarke dressed down in conspicuous Red & Black 'spooks' style said unhelpfully when probed on this, that he was unwilling to comment further.

  • Panorama:
    "Was 'Q' not arrested, possibly because he was working for you or MI5?"
  • Clarke:
    "I'm not prepared to comment on any speculation like that, pure speculation."
  • Panorama:
    "Where is 'Q' now?"
  • Clarke:
    "I said I'm not prepared to tralk about 'Q'."  (Word for word transcript from a recording).
  1. Notes:
    'Q' who is from Luton is alleged, during the trial, to be an Al' Q'aeda facilitator in Britain.
    For instance he sent MSK or Mohammed Sadik Khan of the 7/07/2005 Underground bombing plot to Pakistan supposedly for training.
    Channel4 news link to transcipts of bugged conversations during 'Crevice' surveillance op'.

    UK Military Intelligence would have us believe, as of Mayday 2007, that there are 2000 'real terrorists' in the UK with real links to 'Al-Qaeda'. MI5 says it takes 30-40 people to track just one individual effectively thus giving un-sustainable cause for Tony Bliar to be able to state that an Independent enquiry into 7/07 will be too resource-greedy on the intelligence services to be justifiable. So, he intended to let them conduct an enquiry into themselves?
    In an organisation above & beyond all civil law the circumstances and outcomes of any such 'enquiry' would anyway be a foregone conclusion.
    So was 'Operation crevice', namely the investigation that led to the 'show-trial' of the alleged 7/07 conspirators just in time for the UK multi-tier elections, another euphemism for 'Your Military Intelligence services and your Government enjoyed taking you up the 'arse once again?"

Not only did the Police's obligations to divert resources to Gleneagles for both classical activist harassment as well as issues of National-Security siphon vital resources from the capitol, but it served also to smear Bob-Geldof's & others work by potentially tarnishing them as 'psychological' accessories to the atrocities that were to follow hours later.
Perhaps that double-whammy, perfect double hit also included the only real chance Military Intelligence believed they had under the current socio/political & G8 conference-centric environment, of getting back at, or 'bringing-back-into-line' counter-culture organisations capable of mobilising 100,000's of supporters across UK in a matter of hours & days!
Bob Geldof sometimes reminds me of a latter day John Lennon, at least in his ability to do exactly what the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover most hated about the ex-Beatle, namely rally millions with his irascible charisma.

On 7/07 I was stuck at home after missing a bus to Gleneagles & meanwhile for some unrelated reason had a visit from the police who took the oppportunity whilst here to all but give me a warning for 'taking the piss' by farting in front of a Police Officer whilst in my own front room.
Yes, really
! Also whilst they were here, they revealed to me the zealot like glee they enjoy through the criticising of G8-demonstrators when they announced that a re-deployed local policeman had been injured on the barricades at the summit. These are normally friendly cops!

In a BBC Panorama programme broadcast the 30 April 2007, Peter Clarke, the 'National Coordinator for Terrorist Investigations' & Deputy-Assistant Commissioner of the Met. Police pointedly fails to deny that one of the freed 7/07 co-conspirators; Abdul Khayam alias Mohammed Quayyum Khan was a British Military Intelligence asset identified as 'Q'.

Not surprising then that Al Gore's 'Live Earth' spectacle to be held on 7/7/07 I can pre-empt, will not become contiguous chronologically with terror. Global warming is becoming just another hot-potato argument for mass control of national populations in the name of pseudo-science whereas the massively more popular 'Live Aid' concert in the week of July 2005 addressed the self-evident African famine, as if more empirical scientific proof was needed.
Geldof's 'long-march' highlighted issues, which were at the time hotly flaunted as a number one cause by world leaders at G8 2005, but since G8 2007 and a subsequent failure to deliver on promises made in 2005, Bob Geldof described this years G8 crowd as 'these truly awful people'. In fact he launched a blistering diatribe against this year's G8 including such famous remarks as:
'The last two days was bollocks.' & "I don't want to see 2005 [the Gleneagles G8 meeting] reiterated endlessly. I want them [the G8] to commit to it ... This wasn't serious, this was a total farce."
They, the G8, these Globalising type leaders have hence proven through their deeds that saving African lives in a sustainable long-term manner is less important to them than the hypothetical gaining of ground in the search for control & authority over populations by the surreptitious back-door of 'global-warming'!

Rogue-elements in the military are coordinating these discordant events, hoping to exploit fear, & confusion regarding due process & in thus doing exploiting whilst fostering the environment for a potential even if only hypothetical collapse, in synchronicity, of Civil Government & Civil law making way for, a Globalist Military coup & subsequent Dictatorship! This is enough to assure the continutation and profitibility of Military Industrialism, one of the world's greatest businesses since the turn of the 20th Century!

‡‡ But what is it about Peter Power and his seemingly innate skill at being present during many of London's underground & overground emergencies before & since 1984?
On the 11 of April 1981, after days of pressure, Brixton erupted into three days of riots.
'Peter Power was a Sergeant with the Special Patrol Group, which became a focus for complaints about police tactics.' SPG were amongst those blamed for provoking the black community by violent intervention on person & properties.' 
BBC- "Brixton ablaze: 25 years on"
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